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I bought a sewing machine!!!!! xD September 23, 2009

Posted by Sindy in Journal.
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I am soooooo incredibly excited!!! I just bought a sewing machine!!!!! xD It has been used (barely), but all the accessories and attachments are brand new plus I got a case for it! The lady I bought it from is such a great friend and is the greatest seamstress I know (followed closely by my Grandma and my sister’s mother-in-law).

Potential projects are filling my mind. My first one will be to make a mini “rice bag.” It’s basically just a little fabric bag filled with grain (usually rice or corn – the unpopable kind of course) that you can put in the microwave to treat various pains. I just love mine and would like a mini one.

After that there are too many projects to choose from:

  • All the mending I need/want to do
  • All the cool clothes I want to make (fairy dress & wings, an airbrushed jacket, a frog costume for my nephew, a pirate costume for when I finish my children’s book, a steampunk costume for Halloween, an old-fashioned swimsuit for my dream vacation, Sailor Moon costumes for the twin daughters of a friend, etc.)
  • All the clothes I want to modify into something new & cool – aka my own fashions (check out http://www.threadbanger.com/ for what I’m talking about – way awesome)
  • All the unfinished projects laying around my house (the shorts I started when I was 8, the chair cushion for the dining room chair that we no longer have, the tiny quilted wall hanging that we started up at girls’ camp 15 years ago, etc.)
  • Etc. and so much more

Now I just need to clear a space to put it and start sewing!



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