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Time to think about Halloween costumes! October 5, 2009

Posted by Sindy in Journal.
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Gaa! I’m terrible at making choices, including what to do for my Halloween costume. Okay, so according to some I’m waaaaay too old for that kind of thing (but they said “no more trick-or-treating” when I got out of diapers, so we aren’t listening to them).

In previous years I usually just did something easy and fast. Last year I cut the shoulders off a red t-shirt and glued sand burrs to an aluminum triangle to make myself an instant Star Trek costume. The year before I just wore a fancy red witches hat I have (got in the way though). And the year before that I just took a couple clothespins and pinned a length of wire to the shoulders of my shirt (get it? I tore my shirt off the line so hard that it took the line with the shirt – yeah, lame, I know).

This year I found this really cool lady on Etsy who makes tatted masks, and then I found her pattern for the same masks on Instructables! AWESOME!!! I am stoked! I would love to make a mask out of fishing line and Swarovski crystals so you can barely see a beautiful sparkling magical something, and then make the most gorgeous fairy dress, oh plus the most awesome fairy wings like a professional fairy I found online (drat! I can’t find her site again! I’ll post it when I do).

The only problem is that I’ll probably not find time to do it (I haven’t even designed it yet). I’ll probably end up doing something simple again (I still have my Star Trek costume somewhere).

Hmmm, maybe I should start on Christmas presents instead… (sorry fam, no hints today ;))



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