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Halloween Costume Update October 9, 2009

Posted by Sindy in Journal.
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Weehee! I found this fun t-shirt at Wal-mart (I know, I should stop shopping there, but they have my favorite lens cleaning wipes) – it looks like you’re wearing a pirate vest, plus it comes with a bandanna! xD

So, one part of my costume down – now for the rest. Since it’s a t-shirt, I’m going to wear a long-sleeved shirt underneath. The pants are another question (for some odd reason ragged pants with holes and rips are not very warm).

And then I got another idea this morning – I don’t have to just be a fierce pirate! (Here comes the “I must be crazy” part.) I already have some fun fairy stuff, so I could be a Pirate Fairy!!! (I know, I’m nuts :P) (Maybe I’ll be a lost boy girl who’s playing pirates with Tinker Bell instead – okay, getting more nuts if that’s possible.)

Anyway, whether I do the Pirate Fairy thing or not, I’ll be keeping the shirt – it’ll be loads of fun when I finally finish writing my pirate book.



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