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For all you artists out there – get an online portfolio October 14, 2009

Posted by Sindy in Business DIY.
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I have been to many job interviews where it was a good idea to have a portfolio – I’m sure many of you have too. It’s also often a good idea to have an online portfolio particularly in this digital age. The trouble with an online presence is getting your own website. You have to pay for hosting, get a domain, make a website (or pay someone to make it), etc. Yes, I did all that for my comics website, but I hardly have time for that, much less a portfolio site too. That’s where a site called deviantArt comes in (I’m not the biggest fan of the name, but the site is great).

I had known about the site for some time now, some of my friends had accounts and (more importantly) some of the artists I admired most had accounts – they all said it was great, but I couldn’t just take their word on it. I’ll be one of the first to admit that sometimes I can get a bit paranoid (plus with my Ham Radio experience – I learned how to prepare and get the facts) – I had to read the documentation and get the details.

My conclusion? Yes, deviantArt specifies that if you post your artwork on their site, you automatically give them the right to use your stuff to promote their site (without paying you of course). However, you still retain every right to your artwork. They can’t sell it, they can’t change it, in fact for the most part they can’t even complain about it much less remove it (unless they get so many complaints that it threatens their business of course) – you keep control.

That said, it’s a great site that I really enjoy, not only as a place to showcase my work, but also a place to admire others’ work (and to get some really great ideas). Not to mention that they have other features like a journal, polls (that you can make and send out to your fans), of course contests (both sponsored by deviantArt and individual contests – so you can make your own contest), and one of my favorite things – mature content filter (sadly it only works if the artist labels it as “mature”).

But wait! It’s not just for drawings! You can put photography, writings, photos of other work (sculpture, needlework, wirework, beading, etc.), and soon you’ll be able to post video!

For more info check out this video: http://welcome.deviantart.com/?utm_source=DA&utm_medium=UB&utm_content=Takethetour&utm_campaign=DA_UB_Takethetour_091409

You can also check out my portfolio: http://sindy-chan.deviantart.com/

Or check out some of my favorite artists:



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