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Business DIY – Extreme Business Cards! October 17, 2009

Posted by Sindy in Business DIY.
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It is the hope of any business owner that once you are handed their business card, you won’t immediately throw it away. Sadly most fail in this attempt, but here’s something that definitely get a customers attention – useful business cards! It’s not just a little piece of paper – it’s a tool! (Make note though – if what it does has nothing to do with your business, then they’ll keep the card, but never call you.)

I did a search on Instructables for business cards and came up with some really awesome ideas:

Some other ideas include:

  • Coupons!!!!! (If the customer will save money by keeping your card, then they will – even if they never use it)
  • Calling cards (Geiko uses this one a lot – you can use it to call them for free)
  • A wifi detector
  • How about a card made out of heat-sensing material kind of like mood rings? (Ooo! I can just see that one for a furnace guy, an insulator, or better yet a guy who does energy audits and fixes holes and stuff to make your home more energy efficient! You can even take the card around your house to check for drafts! Okay, that one might need a different technology.)
  • A card with a make up sample (If you’ve ever had a makeover by a Mary Kay consultant you’ve probably seen those cards with a speck of make up on them – just use that kind of idea for a business card!)

If you have an idea for a cool (and useful) business card, feel free to post a link in a comment. I’d love to hear about it!



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