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My Favorite Instructables of the Week October 22, 2009

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Blah! I never did like Halloween – it’s too gross and dark for me (btw, I don’t like Harry Potter either because it’s so dark). And sadly most of the Instructables this week have been for Halloween (yes, some if it can be used year-round and I do enjoy costumes, but I still don’t like gross).

Luckily I did find some good ones:

  • Easy Fruit Fly Trap – Definitely have to try this one! Sadly most our fruit flies are gone now that the weather is cooling down.
  • Tatted Mask – I first found this lady on Etsy and have loved her masks ever since. I want to make one out of fishing line with Swarovski crystals to give it an ethereal look. She uses a method called Needle Tatting (I personally prefer Shuttle Tatting) which is actually fairly easy to learn. (BTW, for any Shuttle Tatters out there, it’s easy to convert the pattern, but it won’t fit the same at all.)
  • Candy Sushi (or Mock Sushi) – Don’t fish (or worse – seaweed) then try this fun food! It’s simply rice crispy bars (or wheels as the case may be), fruit leather, and various gummy candy. It’s really fun! (And great for playing tricks on your friends.)
  • Star Trek Comm Badge – Okay, so I just had to include a costume Instructable. This one was just too good to pass up. My sister once made one out of foil, hot glue, and sand burs (a prickly weed seed). This one is obviously better than hers (sorry sis).
  • Using a PSP as a Computer Joystick Controller – Sweet! This is like turning your computer into a wireless Nintendo system (but without the Nintendo games)!


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