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Make Your Own Paper Models! October 23, 2009

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Life size paper model of Tron helmet - yes, it really fits

Life size paper model of Tron helmet - yes, it really fits

Origami is cool. Papercrafts (otherwise known as paper models) are cooler. Don’t believe me? Well, can you make a model of Howl’s Moving Castle with Origami? Okay, maybe you can, but it will be next to impossible to the coloring right.

But do you know what’s even cooler than that? How about making your very own paper models?! That’s right! Make yourself a Princess Zelda costume out of paper! How about make your own dog out of paper (no feeding or cleaning – your Mom ought to be happy with that)? Or better yet, design a new breed of dog (maybe one with a purple mane and a tail twice as big as he is) and make it out of paper! Now that’s what I call Sweet!

But wait, I don’t know about you, but designing a model by myself is impossible. Hehe. That’s where this cool new program I found comes in. It’s called Pepakura Designer. You just simply plug in a 3D model (guess what people – Blender is a free 3D modeling program) and it turns it into a 2D paper pattern. Really cool and it really works! The Tron helmet pictured here was made using Pepakura Designer.

As for the cost of this great program, the shareware version is totally free. And the unlock passcode is only $38. Now that’s cheaper than some video games!

Now I’m going to take this beauty home and have some fun this weekend (starting with learning Blender)!



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