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Scarf Curtains? October 24, 2009

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Scarf Curtain

Scarf Curtain

I have a ton of beautiful scarves and it can be kind of difficult trying to store them. I usually tie them onto a hanger, but it’s difficult to see just what I have when they’re all hung in your closet. The other day I was looking at my hangers full of scarves and realized what they look like – stylized curtains! I have an empty curtain rod over my window, so why not instead of hanging them on hangers, just hang them on the rods! That way I can easily see what I have plus I’ve just created a very personalized and unique curtain.

It’s really easy to make it – simply fold your scarf in half (the narrower scarves work best), loop the folded end over your curtain rod, then string the other end through the loop.

If you don’t have enough scarves to cover your window, don’t worry. You can either buy some more (oh, how terrible – not), or just use what you have to accent some regular curtains. You could also just make a more sparse look.

This could also work with broomstick skirts (I’d suggest using clipping curtain rings to clip the skirts up) or bundles of yarn.



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