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Business DIY – Conservative Halloween Costumes October 26, 2009

Posted by Sindy in Business DIY, Sewing.
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It’s Friday, the day before Halloween, and you have a work meeting of all things. It’s all very fun and nice to be a witch at the work party, but the CEO and the huge client in the next meeting aren’t going to be impressed. What to do? Spend an hour in the bathroom removing fake spider webs from your hair? That just won’t fly (he he, no pun intended).

Instead, consider a more conservative costume. One that is either in far better taste or very easily removed. Here are some ideas I’ve collected from the office:

  • A Buck-in-ear (Get it? Buccaneer): Simply pin a couple dollar bills to your ears with your earrings.
  • A Million Dollar Hair-ess: Again with the money, get some fake million dollar bills and bobby pin them in your hair.
  • A Bodyguard or Secret Service Agent: This one’s easy. Just wear your regular business suit, but include a blue-tooth headset, or better yet, string a short telephone cord behind your ear. And don’t forget the dark sunglasses.
  • This IS My Costume: If you’d like to buy a costume try this t-shirt (found on Zazzle.com, or you can make one with a blank t-shirt and printable transfer sheets). Just wear it under your business jacket, remove the jacket for the party, and put it back for the meeting.
  • All Your CANDY Are Belong To Us: Terrible grammer, classic programmer humor adapted for Halloween. Again, wear your suit jacket over the top. You’ll also want an explanation ready for all those poor non-geeks.
  • Star Trek Uniform: And the last idea – go as a TV or movie character that either wears office attire or something similar. For a Star Trek uniform, simply wear an all black outfit, cut the shoulders off a solid-color shirt and pin it to your black shirt, and don’t forget the Comm Badge (which you’ll of course make yourself, right?). You can even include the rank pins on the collar (I used some simple gold earrings I had lying around).


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