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A Funny Name, A Great Blog – How About Orange October 28, 2009

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Okay, so I still don’t get the name How About Orange, but this is a pretty neat blog. This is another great diy/craft blog that has some really neat ideas.

Did you know that you can use packing tape for glass transfers (sadly it needs a laser printer)?

This one’s great: How to make a gift bow out of magazines (and other paper like maps, wrapping paper, etc.)!

And here’s this really great book called Tossed and Found! In it the authors make pillows out of astroturf, they add pillows to a wicker chair that looks like dripping gold, and create a chair out of those floating pool noodles, and of course, much much more! Now that sounds like a fun book!

Plus, there’s a guy (Cheeming Boey) who draws some awesome artistry onto styrofoam cups! Hey! I could do something like that! And I love this quote from him on the blog: “I would like to show people that canvases can be anything… just because it says disposable doesn’t mean it has to be.”



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