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My Favorite Instructables of the Week October 29, 2009

Posted by Sindy in Favorite Instructables.
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There’s some great stuff this week. We have some costumes, some fun, some electronics, and even some extra useful stuff. Oh, if only I had a bigger weekend. T_T

  • Professional Bottle Rocket – Sweet! I’m definitely telling my Mom about this one! She’s been a Cub Scout leader off and on for years. She’ll love it.
  • Toy Green Army Guy Costume – Classic! They even have the plastic piece under his feet (he cut it in half so he could walk).
  • Desktop Decepticon – Okay, for any Transformer fans out there, you’ll love this. (I personally am not a big fan, but I do like this thing.) This guy put a lot of planning and detail into this thing.
  • Cell Phone Controlled Robot – All right! Now I now what to do with my old cell phones! (Except that they’ll need to remain connected to the network. Phooey.)
  • Make Your Own Heated Clothing – Oh man do I need this! I hate being cold!!! I’ll definitely have to try this one out. Hmm, this combined with Jim Phillips foam clothing ought to make a nice cozy bundle.
    Warning!!!: Great care must be taken when using electronics with fabric. It CAN start a fire!!! Never sleep while wearing such clothing!
  • Run Your Car on Trash! – Hey! This is just like Mr. Fusion on Back to the Future! And it’s for real!!! Now I wish I had an old clunker to try this on.


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