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Print Your Own Fabric! October 31, 2009

Posted by Sindy in Sewing.
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This is incredible! I’ve heard of print-on-demand (see Lulu.com for books, and CafePress.com for clothes, home accessories, and much more), but printing fabric on demand? Uber Sweet!!!

I’m sure you’ve all been there – you go to the fabric store and kind find what you wanted (sadly these days there’s only one fabric store in town, that is if you have any at all). In fact, I too recently went looking for a manly pattern of cotton flannel – found nothing but a solid blue (I’m really glad they had that). I did find a lovely blue fabric with snow-covered pine trees. That would’ve been wonderful except for the pink trees scattered in there. Sigh.

But now I’ve found Fabric on Demand! This is a great site where you send them your design, select your fabric, they send you a sample for approval, and then you get your very own custom fabric! This is almost as awesome as making your own top-hit video game! And I found some great reviews for them too (apparently Fabric on Demand is better than another site called Spoonflower).

But as with all print-on-demand stuff, it’s not cheap. The lowest is almost $17 a yard. No, not the cheapest stuff in the world, but I’m sure my brother would absolutely love a flannel with snowmobiles on it (if you can find fabric like that, feel free to let me know, especially if it’s not girly).



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