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A Magazine for DIYers! Sweet! November 3, 2009

Posted by Sindy in Weekend Project(s).
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Okay, there are silly magazines full of hokey little crafts (after a while you get so sick of glue guns you might run out and do some insider training), and there are plenty of magazines with the same old stuff that everyone else has (how many times am I going to see the same teddy-bears-at-the-beach cake?!), but now I’ve found a magazine I might actually be able to enjoy as a DIYer. What’s the name of this awesome magazine? Why, Make, of course!

This has some nice stuff, from learning how to solder to making a giant snow globe. I also like the concrete pot molds (btw, if you mix in some broken up styrofoam then the pot will be much lighter weight), this sweet tutorial on how to curl electrical cords, and the bike powered cell phone charger (if only I biked a lot).

This is all very cool, but even cooler is that they have their own tv show! How sweet is that? They have things like a Wind Generator, a Trebuchet (that’s mid-evil for “ancient rocket launcher”), mini robots, and wearable technology. Nice!

So, check out Make magazine and Make magazine TV!



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