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My Cute Theory – If It’s Mini, I’ts Cute November 4, 2009

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I have a little theory – literally. It’s quite simple really. It’s that anything that is miniaturized is automatically cute.

Don’t believe me? How about an example. How about the teddy bear. A bear in the wild is one of the most ferocious animals and most dangerous to humans. Now miniaturize it and you have yourself one of the most endearing symbols of childhood.

A mean black bear

Go from this...

Antique Teddy Bear

To this

In fact, you could take almost any dangerous animal (crocodile, snake, lion, etc.) and miniaturize it (whether it be a baby version or a toy) and there you have instant cute.

Okay, so it’s easy to see that a little baby animal, or a little animal made of fabric could be considered cute, so how about a non-animal example? Well, what about anything you might find in a dollhouse? You never thought old shoes could be cute until you put them in a dollhouse. Or how about these sail boats:

Sail boats

These life-size sail boats are okay...

Toy boats

but these toy boats are adorable!

Of course, this is merely a theory (i.e. not absolute fact). Some people (like myself) still consider a mini skull to be disgusting while some (okay, most people in my experience) think it’s cute. So yes, it does depend on the viewer, but for the most part a mini anything is cute.

Remember that the next time you’re working on a project. Make it smaller and give it more cute.



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