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Got a bunch of old CDs? November 7, 2009

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Ever since I heard that some people were collecting AOL CDs, I joined in the crowd. Now I have several boxes of old CDs that no one wants (okay, so I have maybe half a dozen that would go for $4 on eBay). So, I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with them. Here are a few ideas:

  • Vinyl Record Fish Wall ArtMake some wall art – Okay, so this lovely fish sculpture uses old vinyl records, but CDs would be more colorful (and smaller)
  • Make a lamp – This has a nice blue glow to it. I think I’ll put it next to the lava lamp I one day hope to own.
  • Build an iPod/iPhone dock – I could use one of these. I keep forgetting my iPhone because it’s lying down on my desk (behind the printer cause that how far my recharging cable reaches).
  • Make a Disco Ball – Why didn’t I think of this one?! Just cut the CDs into little squares and glue them onto a ball! That is so much easier than dealing with a bunch of expensive little mirrors.
  • Or here’s a CD rack made out of CDs – I know, ironic isn’t it.


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