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Business DIY – Free Fonts November 9, 2009

Posted by Sindy in Business DIY.
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One thing that amazes me about ideas and artistry is how creative people can get with 26 little letters in specific shapes and black and white. I.e. I love decorative fonts (at least the readable ones).

Think about it. You just can’t have a Halloween poster or invitation without a Halloween font. It’s practically impossible.

Neither can you have a business logo that portrays exactly the kind of image you want your business to have without the exact right font.

That said, I highly doubt many of you want to pay thousands of dollars for a designer to create a custom font for you logo, much less for a Birthday party invite. So, here’s a list of some of the best web sites I’ve found for free fonts:

  • 1001 Free Fonts – Okay, so I think they have far more than 1001, but I’m certainly not going to count them. They have many of my all time favorite fonts including “A Yummy Apology,” “Anime Ace,” “Grand Stylus,” etc.
  • 45 Exceptionally Useful Free Handwritten Fonts – Some of my favorite fonts are the ones that look like real handwriting, and there are some beautiful ones on this site. One of these days I’ll collect some of the handwriting styles of some of my friends for that very reason.

Or if you can’t find the font you want out of all those, try this great font identifier. You simply submit a picture of the font and it’ll tell you what it is.

Or better yet (for those of you who want to be the ones charging thousands for a custom font) check out the FontCreator program. It can be a little complicated to use, but with all the fun you’ll have, and since the license only costs $79, it can be worth it. (I’ll have to post some of my fonts some time.)

I’m constantly finding great sites with wonderful free fonts, so feel free to check my delicious page on occasion.



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