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Favorite Instructables of the Week November 12, 2009

Posted by Sindy in Favorite Instructables, Weekend Project(s).
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Uber sweet!!! I found an Instructable for making my own candy corn!!! XD *Sream!!!!!* I know what I’m doing this weekend! (I like candy corn. Can you tell?)

Compared to that, the other Instructables pale, but I guess I’ll list them anyway:

  • Candy Corn – Bwahaha. I’m going to see if I can change the recipe and make some apple cider ones too (I sooo wanted to try them this Halloween but that flavor had an ingredient I’m allergic to – red 40).
  • Kidnapped Mermaid Costume – This is great! A mermaid being carried off by a pirate (and this costume only needs one person – your legs are the pirates legs, and your top is the top of the mermaid).
  • A Walking Stick That Converts Into a Chair – I’ve seen things like this before, but this is one of the best so far.
  • A Hand Truck Made From a Shopping Cart – This looks great! Wheels on the both the top and bottom so you can lay it down and push it (couldn’t have used that the other day). And even better, the wheels don’t need to be inflated (that’s the major problem with the one I currently have). Now the question is where to get a shopping cart without stealing it.
  • Electric Umbrella – Sweet! Add lights to your umbrella to see your way, find your keys, get noticed, etc. (BRAINSTORM!!! – Decorate an umbrella like the top of a portable gazebo complete with flowering vines (not real of course) and lights!)
  • Sewable iPod Remote – You just have to love conductive fabric, thread, etc. This would make an awesome gift for someone. And don’t forget – you don’t have to do a cat. Try something else like a glove where you press your fingers together to control your iPod, or maybe a little fabric wii controller that actually controls your iPod instead. (BTW, no one is making and selling these kind of things yet (at least not on Etsy) – wink, wink ;))


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