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Save Some Cash – Make Your Own Dress Form November 17, 2009

Posted by Sindy in Sewing, Weekend Project(s).
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I’m sooooo glad someone invented dress forms. You know, that thing that looks like a strange manacin without only a torso. You use it to make sure a piece of clothing fits properly without calling in the model. (It’s perfect for making gifts.) One problem though – they’re sooooo expensive.

Oh, wait! I’m a DIYer! I can make one!

So, here are a few tutorials for making a dress form:
Make one out of molded paper mache – This one is really accurate, and is perfect if you recently got out of your body cast from that snowboarding accident last year. I personally have no idea how you’re going to get a body mold of yourself (or your victim – uh, I mean model).
Make one out of duct tape – You might actually be able to do this one by yourself (okay, so you’ll need some help, especially to get you out of the thing). It’s an okay dress form. Not the most stiff and stable, but it’s cheap and easy.
Make one out of packing tape – This one needs a LOT of help from a buddy, but it turns out to be a pretty good dress form. I like how they use an old tree trunk and stand, and how they use all their old fabric scraps to stuff it (I need to make a bunch of scraps).

Sad to say, all of these ideas are for just one person. If you want to make something for a friend, you’ll need to make a seperate dress form for that friend. If you find a tutorial on how to make an adjustable dress form, let me know.



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