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I Want to Airbrush My Car!!! November 18, 2009

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A Guy Airbrushing a Computer CaseI really like my little 1990 Toyota Corrola. It’s been pretty good to me and it’s a good little car (not to mention it was cheap). If there’s anything about it I don’t like (besides the back door on the driver’s side is super stiff, and the windows fogg up at the slightest chill) it’s that it’s plain, old, boring, generic, everyone-has-it, white.

Frankly, if I had my druthers, someone parked at a stoplight could barely see my car as I went through the green light and they’d know instantly that it was me.

So, here are some ideas I could do to my car:
Hand-Drawn – Now here’s a sweet car with some major artwork on it. It almost looks like someone took a ballpoint pen to it.
Oh Sweet! It’s a Glow-In-The-Dark Car! – Now this is some major awesome! I think I’d prefer a starscape though. I’m not that into doomsday kind of things.
Accentuate the Curves – Now here’s some nice inspiration. I’m sure all those lovely curves and lights are part of the car design, but I could easily airbrush the effect to make it look like my car has those kind of things.
A Classic Flame Job – Oooh, yeah. Gotta love a good flame job. I love the look of realistic flames. I would love to do silver flames on electric blue.
A Custom Flame Job – Speaking of flame jobs, this one’s particularly awesome.
Wood Grain? – I’m not sure if this one was supposed to mimic wood grain, but wood would be cool (no pun intended). Marble or even rock would be fun too.



1. Zachary - November 19, 2009

You should wood-grain and then flame it…and throw on a dragon.

Sindy - November 19, 2009

Hi Zach! Glad to see you’re enjoying my blog. I looked up yours too. Lookin’ good.

Hmm, perhaps a dragon burning a wood car?

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