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Business DIY – If You [Present it Right], They Will Come November 23, 2009

Posted by Sindy in Business DIY.
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A few months ago at my local farmer’s market I had a conversation with one of the vendors. It was at the end of the day and I had enjoyed many of the booths available, but somehow I had missed one. In utter dismay the vendor commented that many people had not even noticed her booth, much less bought anything. She pointed out a cute little apron she had made and lamented how even though she had marked it down to a only $1, it still wasn’t selling.

Her problem was obvious – Presentation!

It hardly matters what kind of product you have, how well made it is, or how cheap you’re selling it – if you don’t present it right, people won’t buy!

Think about it. Would you buy a comic book with stick figures? What if it was the most awesome comic book ever, but it was stuffed into the back corner of the store? When you walk into a store, what’s the first thing that catches your eye?

If it’s just sitting on a table like your at some yard sale, you won’t get nearly as many sales than if it were set out nicely with a decorative table cloth on a nice display rack. And you can often get more money per sale too!

So, here are some tutorials to help you display things properly:
A Simple Plate Stand – This would also work as a stand for other flat artwork.
Adjustable Sign Display Tower – Very professional! This would be great for a business conference booth! Or it could be adapted for other uses like hanging some clothes on hangers or hang artwork.
– Earring Displays:

Display Tips on Etsy Forums – Wow! There are a lot of great ideas here including hanging items on branches placed in vases, or randomly place items in decorative baskets or bowls.

Additional Tips:
– Start With a Theme – Consider what kind and style of products you’re selling. Is it a country style? A castle style? Maybe it’s a fun children’s style. Keep that in mind when planning your display.
– Practice Your Displays! – Don’t spend two hours setting up your display when you get to your location. The customers will think you’re not ready (which you really aren’t) and pass you by.
– Cover Your Tables! – You can use table cloths, lace, scraps of cloth, vinyl, sheets of bark, etc. It will depend on what theme/style you’re going for and your transportation (and muscle) limitations.
– Vary the Heights of Displays – Put objects under your table cloths to put some things lower, and other things higher. Also use shallow baskets in some places and taller display racks in other places. Make sure the customer can see everything (don’t put the super tall stuff in front of the short stuff, but try to give it a little bit of randomness).
– Put a ‘Featured Item’ Out Front – If there’s something you want to show off, you want to sell more of, you just put on sale, you want to introduce, etc. put it out front on it’s own special display for everyone to see. It also helps if you have a nice sign to go with it.
– Place the Most Expensive and Most Impressive Items Near the Front – We all know that putting something extremely impressive will grab people’s attention (and then make them gag when they see the price tag), but one of the things about customer phsycology is that if they really like it they’ll continue on down the line to the cheaper stuff and stop when they reach an item they feel they can afford (which is actually more than they might have spent otherwise).
– Don’t Forget the Signs and Tags – Customers want information! If there is one thing they want more than quality and price, it’s information, and not just the shy ones that would rather not buy than to ask you something.



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