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Sweet! I’m On Fire, But I’m Not Burning! – EL Wire November 24, 2009

Posted by Sindy in Favorite Instructables, Sewing.
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Night Dancers Wearing EL WireWhat is (arguably) more fun than painting onto clothes yet safer than sewing LEDs into the fabric? It’s EL Wire!!!

EL wire is a copper wire coated in a phosphor that glows when it’s hooked up to a battery – so it’s kind of like a thin, flexible neon light that doesn’t get hot. And, my favorite part, the light a continuous line unlike a string of LEDs.

You can simply sew it right onto your fabric, and you can often find it for only $1/foot. The only trouble is that you have to plan out your project before you order because you need a special box for the length of wire you’re using. The boxes tend to be about $3 each.

Check out these awesome projects I found for EL Wire:
How to Add EL Wire to a Coat or Other Garment – A quick tutorial on how to use the stuff.
ThatsCoolWire.com’s EL Wire Ideas – Sweet! I found some cool ones here including lighting on a bookshelf, decorative/safety lighting in a shower, and an awesome Tron costume!
My Favorite – The Fire Skirt!!! – Now this is uber sweet! I would love to do this with an airbrushed dress. (Hehe, I could even add some smoke, and/or paint it to look like it’s a wood dress that’s burning.)
Retrofit a Floppy Disk Bag – This would be a great bag for a laptop. Oops, almost forgot, this is just how to add the EL Wire. Here’s how to make the bag itself.
A Baby Tron Costume – After you make Tron costumes for Mommy and Daddy, you just have to make one for little Version 2.0. Aw, what a cute little program.
The Laser Bike for Night Riding – Oh if only I could get a law passed that required this. Then those poor night riders might have a chance against those big bad cars. Oh, and runners and pedestrians should wear it too.
An Iron Man Arc Reactor – Okay, so this last one doesn’t use EL Wire, but man would it be even more awesome (and accurate) if they did!



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