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Favorite Instructables of the Week November 26, 2009

Posted by Sindy in Favorite Instructables, Weekend Project(s).
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Hehe. I love this pre-scheduling posts thing. I’m actually nowhere near a computer today, but I decided to post this anyway for your reading pleasure.

There are some pretty cool and geeky Instructables this week. Enjoy:
Butter! (And Buttermilk) – Mmmm, real butter is so good, and it’s really easy to make. I just have one suggestion though: Do it while your watching TV or socializing (cause it takes forever).
The Laser Monocle! – Sweet! Borg costume here I come! Or maybe steampunk.
Sweet Potato Fries! – Oh sweet! I love sweet potato fries, and now I can change up the recipe to be either savory or sweet (just trade the salt for sugar and the pepper for cinnamon, or something to that effect). Plus they’re oven baked which is good cause I don’t like the idea of wasting all that oil.
Secret Knock Detector – Oh man, talk about uber cool. Whoever came up with this was a genious. And this thing actually works too. Too bad I don’t have a secret hideout – yet. 😉
A Monster Business Card Holder – Kawaii! So Cute! >.< This fuzzy little business card holder is really cute and perfect for a creative business person. And the girl who made this Instructable has a cute blog (ALittleStranger.com) too including a new Instructable each week. (If only I had time I’d like to do that too.)
Chainmaille Hacky Sack – I never was very good at hacky sack, but the balls are really fun. (Hmmm, I wonder if I can make one out of pop tabs. My coworkers have been gathering pop tabs to help me make a chainmaille tunic.)



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