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Get Some Attention With These Cars! November 28, 2009

Posted by Sindy in Weekend Project(s).
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Okay, my Mom is, um, interesting. She made the comment the other day that a PT Cruiser looks like a Scion. Probably simply because they are both somewhat boxy.

Although I don’t think PT Cruisers and Scions look that much alike, I still think there are waaaaaaay too many cars that look the same. All the sedans look the same. All the SUVs look the same. All the trucks look the same. If you’ve seen one compact, you’ve probably seen them all.

To rememdy this, I found some fun (and very unique) cars:
Cupcake Cars – Hehe. These are fun. (And tasty ;))
Snail Car – Talk about unique! I love the shell, plus it shoots fire. >:) And you can even rent it for events! Sweet!
Wood Cars – Hehe. Never mind airbrushing my car with a wood grain, just make it out of wood. But this would work so much better with an electric engine instead of a cumbusting engine.
The Victorian House Car! – Some of you may have seen Howl’s Moving Castle, well, this is the same kind of idea (only much smaller, less cluttered, and uses wheels).
The Hillbilly Motorhome – Hey Joe! Don’t go forgetten’ Grandma’s rockin’ chair for da front porch.
Ride a Cow Motorcycle – I can’t wait to show this to my Mom. She loves cows.
The Iron Duck! – This is Iron Man’s webbed friend. (I know. Bad joke.)
Hybrid Cars That Run on Hay – Forget the electric car. How about the horse-drawn car?
Star Wars Cars – Gotta love the land cruisers, and the car version of an H-Wing Starfighter, complete with an R2-D2 unit, is pretty cool.
Electrobite – A metal trilobite big enough for an adult to ride.



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