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What I Did This Weekend! – Drawing, Family, and Cookies! November 30, 2009

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Wow, it was sure a nice looooooong weekend. I got a bunch of stuff done (mostly laundry, drawing, and visiting with family). Most of the time was used up with my drawing homework. I’ve been drawing my face, so I’m getting really tired of my chin and teeth. I’m really amazed how great they’re turning out (they look almost photographic!), but wow are they taking forever. Don’t worry, I plan to post them to DeviantArt when the class is done.

I baked some cookies on Friday. I made Oatmeal Pistachio Pudding Cookies with White Chocolate Chips! YYYYYYuuuuuuummmmmmmmmyyyyyyyy!!!!!! Most of my family are now big fans especially my little nephew who doesn’t eat much (he’s been eating a lot lately though, so that might account for his really liking my cookies, we’ll have to see). My Dad’s work didn’t think much of them though. Probably because I forgot to tell him what flavor they were so the guys were leery about the green stuff. šŸ˜‰ I’ll have to remember that.

Saturday I was back to drawing. Sadly it took me too long so I didn’t get much else done. I did get my chores done, and I looked for my favorite BBQ sauce recipe – Eastern South Carolina BBQ Sauce! – but I didn’t find it. T_T (If anyone knows where I can find another copy… – I got it from a Macey’s Little Theatre Class a few years ago.)

Oh, and I finally got the last part of the Christmas presents! (Sorry, I can’t say what they are in case one of the recipients is reading this.) I just need to sew up some caddies for them, assemble them, and wrap them up and then the biggest part of my Christmas list is done.



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