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Favorite Instructables of the Week December 3, 2009

Posted by Sindy in Favorite Instructables, Weekend Project(s).
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Looking good this week. There are some great gifts, weekend projects, and some gift-wrapping ideas. Enjoy!

Expandable Christmas Stocking – All right! A stocking just my size! And it’s great for growing kids. What would be even better is if they could change the decorations on it each year. Just add snaps (or velcro, but I think snaps are better) and then put the other side of the snap on little decorations.
In-Wall USB Charger – Sweet! This guy is smart! It’s always a pain when I run out of USB ports on my computer, and half of the devices are only there to charge. Plus my blankity-blank phone has issues and won’t charge from a regular USB port. This would be perfect for it. But instead of replacing the outlet, I’d just add the USB charger.
Gaming Coffee Table – Finally!!! I now have a good reason to have a coffee table! (If you want to prop your feet up get an ottoman, and as a table it’s much too short.) And this looks so much better than those gaming racks.
Bathroom Status Indicator Light – All right!!! In my office the bathroom is around the corner and you have no idea if it’s available until you’re right up at the door (and everyone knows that you need to go). With this handy-dandy indicator I could see if someone’s in there before even leaving my desk. Nice! And if you put it in your house, perhaps you could add a timer so you know if the kids are hogging the bathroom.
Bookcase Door! – Sweet! I’ve always wanted one of these! That would be so cool! And I know just the room to put it on…
Make a Glove Work With a Touch Screen – Wait, you mean these things don’t work with gloves? Hmmm, I never even tried. But now I know how to fix it.
Gift Wrap Ideas – People are starting to amass their Christmas presents and it’s time to start wrapping (okay, only some people). Here are some great ideas for wrapping including fabric, newspapers, duct tape, and even how to make bags from old maps, and how to make those big fancy ribbon bows. There’s even an Instructable on the Japanese tradition of wrapping gifts in a scarf. They can get pretty fancy with it.



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