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Weekend Project(s) – Classic Potato Cannon! December 4, 2009

Posted by Sindy in Weekend Project(s).
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Ever since our neighbor pulled out his potato cannon at the neighborhood camping trip, I’ve wanted one. They are awesome! So, I found some instructions for a few different kinds.

First I found a tutorial on the different kinds of potato cannons. Pretty useful to know.

Air-Powered Potato Cannon – Let’s start off with one of the easier and safer ones (that is if you can consider any of them to be safe).
Original Porato Cannon – And of course the classic original one.
Pneumatic Potato Cannon – All right! A pneumatic one. This one’s supposed to be extra powerful.
Mini Potato Cannon – LOL! This one’s fun and is a great project for a leftover coconut shell. Yep, you read correctly – a coconut shell. Wait till you see it. ^-^
Pocket Potato Cannon – And now an even smaller one. Hmm, I wonder if this really works. Maybe it’s like a pellet gun with potato bits.

DISCLAIMER: Of course, I have to include all the regular “IF YOU GET HURT (or smash out a neighbors window), IT’S NOT MY FAULT!!!!!” Got it? Good.

I’d suggest only the adults work these (preferably mature adults), and don’t ever use them in a populated area (i.e. anywhere around houses or people).



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