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What I Did This Weekend December 7, 2009

Posted by Sindy in Journal.
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Sigh. I mostly did more drawing and laundry. It was my birthday this past week, so I went over to my sister’s for dinner on Saturday. I think tomorrow I’ll post the recipe for the Lowcountry Boil that we had. It was really good. I should start posting recipes more often.

I did find a few moments to draw some more comics, plus I finally finished one of my “digital puppets.” Maybe after I make a background, then I can start making and posting some of these comic strips.

I also took a moment Saturday morning to work on the Christmas present for a friend of mine. Without giving her too many hints I’ll mention that I’m making a fabric version of one of my drawings. I was trying to think of how to 1) transfer the drawing onto the fabric, and 2) how I was going to find the time to stitch all those little pieces together. Then I remembered an Instructable on how to print onto fabric with a plain, ol’ laserjet printer! (And I just so happened to have some freezer paper on hand.) So instead of patching little bits of fabric together, I’m just going to print the whole thing straight on the fabric! Oh yeah, talk about making it super easy (and better quality).

Oh! Almost forgot to mention that I made another batch of cookies too. This time it was Oatmeal Vanilla Chocolate Chip cookies. I don’t generally like chocolate chip cookies (too much semi-sweet chocolate – yuck), but these were pretty good. Even chocolate chip cookie addicts liked them, and were immediately addicted. One problem though – the oatmeal. A lot of people didn’t even touch them because of the oatmeal. I still can’t believe people don’t want healthy stuff. Not only is it good for you, but it tastes so much better too.

Luckily this is the last week of homework in my drawing class, so hopefully next weekend will be a lot more fun.



1. Zachary - December 7, 2009

I LOVE Oatmeal cookies! Who is crazy enough to not like them?
And not that I cook or anything…but you could put up the info on those cookies…I might be able to pay someone to make them for me.

Sindy - December 7, 2009

Aw come on. You could easily make them. (Then again… you thought those guys on the rig were saying funny things about you before…).

Hmmm, I coooouuld post it, but then I wouldn’t have my secret weapon for parties and get-togethers. 😉

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