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Favorite Instructables of the Week December 11, 2009

Posted by Sindy in Favorite Instructables.
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Okay, first off are some Christmas decorating Instructables:
How to Pick and Decorate a Christmas Tree – All right! This one’s pretty useful. Although I kind of have the decorating part down (except I still have no idea how some people decorate their trees to the point where you can hardly see the tree – how do they do that?!), but I still have no clue how to pick a tree. It’s always either been an artificial tree, or someone else has picked it.
USB LED Mini Tree – Make your office festive! (And use up yet another of your scarse USB ports.) This is a cute and cool little tree. Now to find an Instructable on how to make one of those USB rocket toys. 😉
Hand-Blown Glass Ornaments – Oh wow! This would be awesome to do. If only I had the right equipment.

And speaking of Christmas decorations, even though it isn’t an Instructable, I thought I’d include this link to my favorite Christmas lighting (the house on the right). I will definitely have to do this when I get my own house.

Continuing on with some more Instructables:
Creature Scarf – All right! alittlestranger is at it again. She comes up with the funnest things. I’m quickly becoming a big fan of hers. This time she made a scarf with a cute monster face on it.
Animated Christmas Gift Package – Haha! This is Classic! It has a scrolling message screen on it, a little toy car going around in circles (which I don’t really care about), and a speaker than when you get too close to the package gives a warning message! How great is that?! I’m surprised this guy didn’t including flashing LEDs or something like that.
Playhouse Made of Pallets – Now that’s what I call freecycling! Pallets are practically wall frames already. In fact, I heard of one lady who made her $10,000 house (her real house that she lives in) with pallets (now if only I could find the link again).
Candy Cane Chocolate Popcorn – This is the best stuff EVER!!!!! I am droolling on the keyboard just thinking about it! I might have to make some when I get home. (Except with a little adaptation – I’m allergic to red food coloring so I can’t use the candy canes. I’ll have to use peppermint flavoring instead.)
Artist Warm Up Exercise – Hmmm, this is interesting. This is what you do when you’re stuck and you don’t know what do draw. I might have to do this some time (except I don’t drink coffee, maybe I could get a spoonful from my boss…)
Surprise Rumbling Gift Box – LOL! Got an incurable gift-peaker? This might cure them – when they grab it, it rumbles, and if they open it, it takes a photo for evidence. Nice!
Gift Bags from Cereal Boxes – Okay, I thought this was going to be how to make a gift bag with a cereal theme (you know, like cut the top off of Life cereal and add some straps or something like that), but this is even better. In this Instructable you cover the cereal box with your choice of paper. Thus you make a unique and extra sturdy gift bag! You have to see the map & duct tape manly version! Come to think of it, you could do this with just about any cardboard box.
Digital Picture Frames – What better gift for someone you don’t know what else to give them than a digital picture frame? Here are a bunch of Instructables on how to make your own.



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