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What I Did This Weekend December 14, 2009

Posted by Sindy in Journal.

As I mentioned – The Drawing Class is Finally Over!!!!! Wooooooooohooooooooooo!!!!! So, I had myself some fun this weekend. I went to a couple parties (note: don’t go to a Christmas party in a commercial garage – it is waaaaay too cold), did some cooking (can you call it cooking if you don’t turn on the stove?), worked on some presents, and even squeezed in a movie.

The “cooking” consisted of making Chocomallow Logs. Chocomallow Logs are part of my Christmas memories from my Grandma. Se’d almost always make one or two logs for the family party and then carefully divy it out amongst the kids and grandkids. It was a special treat. So a few years ago, after she had stopped making it, I got the recipe from her. Everyone was greatly surprised when I presented each family with their own log at our Saturday party. My cousin put it best: “Is this what I think it is?!!! Okay, I owe you fudge!” I had even used the colored marshmellows like Grandma used to do. Oh yeah, it was fun. >.<

During the party, I was surprised when several of my family mentioned that they were still checking out my comics website. Okay, I seriously need to get some new comics on there and get back on schedule with that. I think I mentioned before that I had made a “digital puppet” for the comics, and now I just need to make at least one more puppet (unless I can make some that have only one character), a few backgrounds, and redo that awful site design (and I call myself a designer – not with that thing as an example).

Friday night (and some of Saturday) I worked a little on making some presents. Drat, this thing about keeping a lid on it is getting a little troublesome. I wan’t to blog about it, but I can’t say too much. I will say this though – I did some measuring and some planning, and thanks to some of the things I learned on Threadbanger I won the “My way is better” contest with my Mom, but only after I carefully drew it out on paper so she could see what in the world I was talking about (I’m a far better writer/drawer than talker).

Other notes: This morning I threw some of the fabric I’ll be working with for presents into the washing machine, and I need to clean up my brother’s old iron (the one covered in wax – now that’s a story ;)). Plus later I need to get some more ingredients for more goody baking, and I’ll be getting my Dad’s birthday present (I finally found something he’ll actually like and use!!!).

Yep, busy and fun week ahead. Thank goodness that drawing class is finally over!



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