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One Dress, So Many Possibilities December 16, 2009

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The Uniform ProjectThis girl is awesome! How do you help people with their fashion inspiration, demonstrate fashion recycling, plus help kids in India go to school? I wouldn’t have thought to put those three together, but Sheena Matheiken is doing it with The Uniform Project.

The concept is simple – Sheena wears one dress for an entire year (okay, so there are actually seven dresses so she can wash them, but they are all the exact same), and each day she changes things around with recycled and repurposed accessories. All this is done to get donations, which will be sent to an organization called Akanksha which helps pay for kids in India to go to school.

Here’s a video to introduce the project >

And some of my favorite outfits:
Here she uses the button-up dress as a jacket over a bright pink dress with a fantastic collar. Great hat too.
A classic cape over the dress, plus one very cool crocheted rose hat.
– Wow! What a jacket! This looks like it came straight off a runway (which may or may not be a good thing)
Oh, what a classy look! I love it!
– Fascinating! She gave it an Arabic look. I would never have thought to do that.
Another fantastic collar! How in the world did she do that with a button-up dress that goes higher than that? I’m guessing safety pins.
Do you get the idea that I’m enjoying her collars? Well, here’s another one.



1. Jessica - December 16, 2009

Hi there,

This is Jessica from The Uniform Project. Thank you so much for this lovely post! And by the by, we are looking for stylish folk to wear our little black dress next year ~

The U.P

Sindy - December 17, 2009

Thank you! And you are very welcome!

You’re planning on continuing the project next year? Awesome! I can’t wait to see what you do with it!

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