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Favorite Instructables of the Week December 17, 2009

Posted by Sindy in Favorite Instructables.
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There are some awesome ones this week, including one for combining multiple Instructables into one idea – a restaurant.

Instructables Restaurant – Basically, everything in the restaurant (furniture, decorations, entertainment, food, etc.) can all be made from an Instructable. That sounds like loads of fun to me. I wonder if anyone will actually do it.
Drunken Drawing Robots – Okay, so I had to look up something mentioned in the Instructables Restaurant – the Drunken Drawing Robots. OM…! I could make these! All it is are some markers in a frame with a vibrating motor! I just bought one of those totally cheap vibrating toothburshes for a buck (I was thinking of making a vibrating gift box). I could totally use the motor on this.
Sunrise Alarm Clock – I hate waking up to my alarm blaring. My sister and I used to scream at each other to turn it off in the morning. I never thought of a “light alarm,” and this one’s ever better because it simulates a sunrise! Nice! (It better do it gently though!)
How to Make Your Own Comic Book – This is a nice, simple little Instructable. Well written (except for the spelling mistakes), and even includes some good tips on story writing and character creation.



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