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Recipe – Chocomallow Logs – What Christmas Tastes Like to Me December 22, 2009

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Chocomallow LogsTo me, the flavor of Christmas tastes like fruit flavored marshmallows, chocolate, and nuts. It’s surrounded with Grandparents and family and sits at the kiddie table downstairs. It’s coats on Grandma’s bed and the hope we get a glimpse of the cats underneath. To me, the flavor of Christmas is called a Chocomallow Log.

One of my favorite Christmas memories were the Chocomallow Logs that Grandma would make. She only made a couple of them, so she would slice them up and give just a slice or two to the grandkids for a special treat. Sadly she stopped making them a few years ago, so I got the recipe from her.

Her recipe used raw egg, so I found an alternative one online

But after some experience I have written the following adaptation:

Chocomallow Logs:

1/2 bag chocolate chips (remember, you can use any flavor, but I’ll have to keep trying the white chocolate ;))
1/3 cup butter (I prefer butter)
3 cups marshmallows (Grandma always used the fruit-flavored Kraft marshmallows)
1 cup chopped nuts (remember, it doesn’t have to just be nuts (except white chocolate with toffee bits was a little too much))
About 1/4 cup powdered sugar

1 glass bowl for melting chocolate in microwave
1 big bowl for mixing marshmallow mix with melted chocolate
1 spatula/spoon (I found this to be the most useful)
4 mini loaf pans for forming the logs
3 square sheets of wax paper
1 tiny bowl to hold the powdered sugar
1 dinner spoon for scooping and sprinkling the powdered sugar
1 measuring cup for the marshmallows
1 knife to cut the butter
1 plastic cutting board to cut the butter on
1 nut chopper (if needed)
And of course all the cleaning stuff for afterwords


  1. Make a stack alternating the mini loaf pans and the wax paper. Put a weight in the top one (I usually use the other half of the chocolate chips, still in the bag). This forms the wax paper to the loaf pans and prepares things so you can make the logs without a huge mess as you get with the other recipe.
  2. Cut, chop, and measure everything out in their correct bowls (the chocolate and the butter go in the smaller glass bowl, the marshmallows and nuts go in the big bowl). Don’t forget the powdered sugar in the tiny bowl with the dinner spoon.
  3. Microwave the chocolate/butter for 1 – 1 1/2 minutes just until the butter is melted.
  4. Stir the chocolate/melted butter with the spatula spoon until the chocolate is melted and smooth (except the white chocolate seemed to go kind of grainy-smooth).
  5. Scoop the chocolate mix into the marshmallow mix with the spatula spoon, and stir it up until everything is thoroughly covered. Don’t take very long cause you’ll need the chocolate to stay melted for the next quick step.
  6. Now, hopefully the chocolate is still good and melted. Quickly lay out the three mini loaf pans with a now-formed wax paper (make sure it keeps the form!) and sprinkle a little powdered sugar in the wax paper.
  7. Now to get your hands dirty! šŸ˜€ With your nice clean hands divide the chocolate marshmallow mix into the three loaf pans.
  8. When that’s all done and you’ve scooped what chocolate you can into the loaf pans then quickly wash up your hands to prepare for the next step.
  9. Now sprinkle the top of the logs with a bit more powdered sugar, and then tightly (but not too tightly – the wax paper likes to tear) wrap up the logs in the wax paper into a lovely little log bundle. I like to turn them over in the pans so the flaps don’t pop open.
  10. Stick ’em in da freezer and let ’em freeze solid!

That’s it! After a couple hours they should be ready to take out and either wrap up with little bows and gift tags, or sliced up and served. Yum!



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