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The Awesome Little LED! December 26, 2009

Posted by Sindy in Favorite Instructables, Weekend Project(s).
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I just bought myself a string of LED Christmas lights. If you know me, they’re not to put on my tree, but to make a few really awesome projects:

I’ll start with a bunch of LED Throwies:

LED Throwies

Developed by the guys at Graffiti Research Lab who specialize in non-destructive forms of graffiti, these LED Throwies are a great way to graffiti any ferromagnetic suface with light.

Not to mention that even without the magnet, there are so many great uses for them:

LED Floaties

LED Floaties
Like Throwies except you put these into balloons and let them float around on the ground to be kicked around and played with. You could even float them on a pool or pond for some awesome party decorations!

LED Frosties

LED Frosties
Again, similar to LED Throwies, but this time, you put them on ice. Totally awesome for a party!

The Ice Bulb

Ice Bulb (aka Ice Crystal Ball)
I would so love to make a wizard’s staff with this thing on the end.

Edge-Lit Christmas Cards

Lit Christmas Cards
Sweet! These cards are gorgeous! I wonder what else you can do with the same concept?

Circuitry Paper Origami

Electric Origami
Make your own circuitry on paper, and then light it up (with an LED of course).

LED Picture Boxes

LED Picture Boxes (I like to call them LED blocks)
They’re just little little paper boxes with LEDs in them, but if you made them out of plastic, they would be the ultimate building blocks for kids!

LED Chess Set

LED Chess
This is fun. Great when you have a couple of really bored guys in the middle of the night. Now they just need to light up the board too.



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