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What I Did This Weekend December 28, 2009

Posted by Sindy in Journal.

Okay, so the title is a little unnecessary. You already know I had a wonderful Christmas break! Nice and quiet, not too much stress (except I ran out of fabric – had to take my brother’s gift back so I can finish it), and an awesome breakfast with family on Saturday! (Thanks bro for the sausage, bacon, and the cooking!)

My Dad gave me a gingerbread house kit, and I can’t wait to make it! I bought some better candy for it – white chocolate!!! I even got some of those incredible Lindt white chocolate truffle squares to use as tiles up the front walk. :P* Oh yeah! This is going to be one awesome gingerbread house! Sadly, I couldn’t find any Pop Rocks. Oh well.

Yippee! I can tell you what I made for presents now! A few months ago I heard that the Japanese people don’t use disposable chopsticks because for them, to make something disposable is an insult to the material it was made from. Bingo! My thoughts exactly! Okay, a nice set of chopsticks in a carrying case went on my Christmas giving list. And why stop there?! There HAD to be someone who made reusable takout containers (especially ones that don’t leak)! I was right – they do, buuuuuuut man are they expensive! So, of course, I made my own! XD I found some divided containers with a watertight lid, got some lexan utensils, plus I found an awesome price for some stainless steel chopsticks. Finally I sewed up some utensil wraps to keep all those little things together, printed out a “features flyer” and wrapped them in reusable grocery bags. The girls loved them, but I don’t think the guys were very impressed. Grrr. I hate shopping for guys.

On Saturday I made my way over to the store. They were out of the fabric I needed, but I hit up their Christmas clearance stuff, and I scored a bunch of replacement LEDs! I now have 136 LEDs for only 9 cents each! (About the same as getting them online, but without the shipping.) Eeeehehehe! I can’t wait to get some button batteries and some magnets! (Anyone know where I can get bulk button magnets for super cheap?) Oh, plus I’ll need a big sheet of ferous metal and maybe a big pack of balloons. (No one can ever acuse me of being sane!) Loads of fun.

One more question for the masses: Where can I get some translucent plastic sticks (like chopsticks) – food grade preferably? I found some great Star Wars chopsticks, but none of them light up, so I want to make my own. (Too bad I hadn’t found them before Christmas. Maybe that would have gotten something out of the guys.)



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