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Favorite Instructables of the Week December 31, 2009

Posted by Sindy in Cooking, Favorite Instructables.
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Instructables.com listed their absolute best Instructables of 2009 this week. I’ve been browsing them all day. Sadly I’ve already blogged most of the good ones 😦 but I did find these awesome ones:

Mexican Wedding Cookies

Mexican Wedding Cookies
These are some of the best cookies ever! So soft, and loaded with nuts! 😀

Homemade Stickers

Make Your Own Stickers!
Although these are the wet-then-stick kind of stickers, this is still really cool. (For the ready-to-stick kind, just use double stick tape, and store the stickers on a sheet of vinyl.)

Home Screen Printing

Screen Printing for Under $10
Nice! I’ve been wanting to do screen printing for a long time now, but wow is it expensive! Hey Provo Craft – Eat your heart out!

Creature Hood

Creature Hood
ALittleStranger is at it again! She makes such super cute stuff! This cute little hood would be perfect for a critter hoodie. Let’s see, add some faux fur around the cuffs, a little tail, even include some cute mittens with pawprints on them!

Magnetic Paper Dolls

Magnetic Paper Dolls
What do you know? I didn’t know they made magnet sheets for our printer (can’t imagine that they’d go through very easily though, either that or they’re probably very weak – I guess I’ll have to check them out). Anyway, my Mom is addicted to these things and she would love it if I made her some.



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