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If You Can’t Be Creative, Be Observant! January 5, 2010

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Today I thought I’d share this great quote from Richard Marriott (from Marriott Hotels): “If you can’t be creative, be observant!”

I am constantly hearing about people who seem to think that they have no artistic talents whatsoever. Sorry, but I just have to laugh. Okay, so they might not be able to draw a stick figure to save their lives, but they are so artistic in other ways – they’re called ‘talents’, and every last one of them required an artistic and creative aspect (yes, even people like scientists and librarians need artistic talent) – it’s called ‘making decisions,’ ‘solving problems,’ and ‘brainstorming’.

Still not convinced you have artistic talent? That’s where the quote comes in. If you can’t creative, observe. If you see someone doing something, and then you see a need for that something somewhere else – bingo! So many businesses started out just like that!

McDonalds was started when the founder was watching factory workers and realized that the same concepts could be applied to making food. When Pizza Hut opened in Japan they saw that the people didn’t eat dairy, so instead of cheese they have mayo on their pizza (which they love).

And that’s the whole premise of my blog. I get ideas by looking at what other people are doing and I improve on them by combining different ideas into something new. That’s just how the creative process works!



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