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Ring It On Your Finger – Great Rings on Etsy January 6, 2010

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I just found this wonderful ring at VieModerne’s shop on etsy! Doesn’t it look just like a butterfly landed on her hand?! I love it! (Sigh, she’s sold out at the moment, but it looks like she often has new stuff.)

Feather Ring

And here are some more great rings on etsy:

Pop-Tart Ring

A Pop-Tart Ring!
Sweet! Just as tasteful, and no calories! This fun ring is from fakerybakery2 who also sells other awesome rings and jewelry like this awesome Plate of Cookies Necklace!

Steampunk Angel Feather Ring

Steampunk Angel Feather Ring
Wow! This looks awesome, and is really unique. Some of these steampunk artists (like chinookhugs – the artist who made this ring) are absolutely amazing. This guy’s style is great!

Steampunk Owl Book of the Wise

Steampunk Owl Book of the Wise
Another incredible ring from chinookhugs! It would be fun to hide little notes in this.

Dancing Leaves Ring

Dancing Leaves Ring
Oh My Wow! dillondesigns has some fascinating jewelry, but I love her rings far more! Such great, intricate designs on beautiful rings. But the craziest part? They’re made with shrinky-dinks! Whoa! I had no idea you could make something beautiful with that stuff!



1. refulgentdecay - January 6, 2010

that poptart ring is adorable! never thought of such a thing

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