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Favorite Instructables of the Week January 7, 2010

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Slim pickin’s today, but there are still plenty to keep you busy this weekend.

Pallet Sled

Make a Sled Out of a Pallet
My Mom is going to love this one! She’s been trying to make a good sled for firewood for a while now, and her latest idea includes using a pallet. I’m definitely going to print this one up for her!

Programmable Bracelet

A Programmable Bracelet
When I first saw this I thought “Okay, why? What does it do?” Luckily the author mentioned a few things one could do with this little bracelet with flashing lights. My favorite is to use it as a timer, particularly when you may not want something noisy (the author suggests using it when giving a presentation – it tells you when your time is ending soon). What a wonderful idea! (I’m terrible at keeping within the time when I give presentations.)

Homemade Clothing Label

Make Your Own Clothing Labels
All right! Why spend good money for those silly little “Handmade by Grandma” tags (if you go into a fabric store, you should be able to spot a pamphlet to order the things), when you can make far cooler ones? Now if I could just figure out how to label my lace items… (Anyone have any ideas?)

Invaders Cookies

Invaders Cookies!
Okay, I’m terrible at the game, but these cookies I can do. My favorite part? Versatility! I can use the little squares idea to make any pixelated picture. I could even use many different food colorings to make it more aesthetically pleasing. Hmm, I wonder how big a cookie I could make…



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