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Weekend Project(s) – Slotted Furniture January 8, 2010

Posted by Sindy in Weekend Project(s), Woodworking.
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I have to start this post with a story: Once upon a time my family lived in a little old house that was built in the Depression. In that house, hidden in some little corner, my Mom found a cute little chair. But this was no ordinary chair – it was made out of plywood and fit together like a puzzle. No shrews, no glue, just a wooden key in a slot to hold it all together. My Mom was instantly entranced.

Ever since then we’ve been searching for other pieces of furniture that are similar. We called it puzzle furniture. Come to find out, it usually goes by the name Slotted Furniture.

Now with the wonder of the Internet, I have found a great site with some fascinating Slotted Furniture:

Slotted Furniture

By the look of things, these guys like to go down to Burning Man, build a bunch of furniture out of sheets of plywood (enough so they can live at least somewhat comfortably), and then when they’re done with it they burn it all. (Sad waste if you ask me.) Their patterns are available on a “please donate” basis, and they have some awesome names for their pieces (like the Bedevator and the Plantry (part plant rack, part pantry, part PlayaTech)).



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