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What I Did This Past Weekend January 11, 2010

Posted by Sindy in Journal.

Oh what a great weekend! I’m sore from stem to stern. I got a lot done. From a ton of laundry to helping to test out my Mom’s new wood sled (it didn’t work as well as we hoped – the front of it kept digging into the snow). I also cleared off my desk and even got some crafting in when I made a few beaded Indian corn cobs for my sister.

And then there’s the research! My Mom, my sister and I are talking about opening an etsy shop. So far we’ve discovered more questions than answers, but we’re just starting the talks so hopefully they’ll all get answered before too long. (BTW, anyone know someone who is a seller on etsy who could answer some of these questions or give us pointer? Thanks a ton!)

I also created another culinary masterpiece – shrimp over pasta with garlic & mushroom alfredo. I had some leftover garlic chicken alfredo sauce (about 1/4 jar) and an inkling for some Normandy mix vegies and shrimp. I just cooked up a box of whole wheat spaghetti, a bag of Normandy blend vegies (that’s basically just broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots), one jar of mushroom alfredo sauce, the 1/4 jar of the garlic chicken alfredo sauce, and about a pound of shrimp. It was pretty tasty (and even my brother has asked to sample it tonight), but I think I’ll add a can of mushroom to increase the mushroominess. 😉



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