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Delectible Doilies on Etsy January 12, 2010

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I admit, I’m a doily girl! No, I don’t have doilies all over my house (I probably should though), but I do enjoy making doilies.

Well, yesterday I surfing around etsy when I came accross a most fascinating doily at Ottoman’s shop (for one thing it was going for $40 which is sadly unusual for a doily, and for another she calls it a Personalized Painted Doily). I just had to check it out:

Painted Doily

So here’s the gig: She takes the letters of your name and arranges them in a circle to create a one-of-a-kind painting that looks like a doily (if you can see it, the doily above says “Summer”). Fascinating.

Of course, I had to check out what other cool doily items I could find on etsy:

Doily Pillow

A Crocheted Doily Pillow
Why didn’t I think of this?! I’m not a big fan of doilies on my couch armrests, but this is a great way to display a doily without covering it up with a vase!

Doily & Birdcage Vintage Corner Bookmarks

Doily & Birdcase Corner Bookmarks
What lovely victorian paper bookmarks! And being corner bookmarks, it’s better for the book.

Vintage UpCycled Skirt

TOAST Vintage UpCycled Skirt
Okay, new word: UpCycle. Which apparently is a lot like freecycling. It means to take something that is useless and turn it into something new and often better. This skirt includes a wonderful tatted doily on the thigh, and some fascinating patchwork lace around the bottom. I’ll have to remember this one for my collection of unfinished tatted snowflakes.



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