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Homes That Others Call Strange, I Call Cool January 26, 2010

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Sometimes MSN has a super awesome article that I have to tell about. This time it was about some awesome homes that would be really cool to live in. Who needs a conversation piece when the whole house stirs conversation?

As usual, here are my faves:

A Rotating House

A Rotating House
This kind of house is great for confusing a salesman (Uh, which is the front door?). Need to go from the backyard to the front without the hassle of going through the gate or the house? Just hop on and you’ll be there within a half hour. “Mom? Where’s the ketchup?” “On the porch in front of the kitchen.” “No, that’s the pepper. The ketchup is in front of the living room.”

The Nautilus House

The Nautilus
A perfect little home for a hermit. I wonder if the owners get dizzy going around and around? I must admit though, I love the window!

Subterra Castle

Subterra Castle
Made out of an old underground missile silo, this is a great home for the modern nuclear family. And if you’d rather not have 15,000,000 tons of dirt between you and sunshine, just install outside cameras and put curtains on your flat screens. 😉 The best part? This guy now has a company that specializes in creating more home like his.

The Mushroom House

The Mushroom House
Sweet! I’ve always wanted to be a fairy princess. What better way to do that than to live in a mushroom house? This guy was an artist and had so much fun decorating his house that he just couldn’t keep it to little knick-knacks on the coffee table. As a DIYer, this would be uber awesome to build a house like this. (Oh no! She’s getting ideas! Run for your lives!!!)

Bubbles House! XD

Barbapapa House

Bubbles! XD
LOL! It’s the Barbapapa house! One of my favorite books when I was little was about this family of blob like creatures who made a house by packing cement around their large, round bodies. It was so fun with it’s funny bubble rooms that connected by little round holes. Sounds cozy and fun to me, and the rounded windows like the eye casing from an Ohm shell (referencing the movie Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind) make it feel like you’re in a submarine.

The Round Room

The Round Room
It’s the Swiss Family Elves with their tree house made of giant gords! Another really fun house that would be perfect if your lot had tons of wonderful trees that you didn’t want to cut down. It looks like these little room modules (it would be super easy to add onto the house ;)) are made out of strips of wood that have been bent into shape. My question is, can it come with a crooked gord neck? 😉 (Ooo! This would be great with the mushroom house!)



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