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Fave Instructables January 28, 2010

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This week, it’s all about keeping warm (and a few other things). I often tell people I’m related to the Abominable Snowman cause I just can’t keep warm. Maaaaaybe some of these will help.

It’s not just warm stuff though. There’s a thread rack which I’m going to put high on my projects list, and a mini meat smoker.

Ski Bike

Ski Bike
Ha ha. This reminds me of one winter I was at a camp lodge with some friends and one of the guys brought a VCR and an old, portable, 3″ TV. On that small, and unusual setup we watch the Beatles movie Help. I thought it was strange, but I always did like the ski bike. What a way to go down the slopes – while sitting down – without getting your backside frozen.

Custom Fleece Hats

Custom Fleece Hats
My brother learned how to sew by making his own fleece hats several years ago, but these designs cut the cake. 😀 They’re so fun! I love the roman helmet! With this you could do just about anything! (Hmmm, a knight’s helmet, a dragon, funky hair, or perhaps an egghead – looks like an egg frying on your head ;))

Electric Heated Pants

Electric Heated Clothes
All right! Finally! I was thinking of making some clothes by just taking an electric blanket and cutting it up (it probably wouldn’t work though – too much electrical troubles), but this is such a superior way to do it that there just isn’t a comparison. Hmmm, perhaps I could make an electric business suit. Maybe then I’d finally stay warm in the office.

Warning: Be careful when heating with electricity. The heat is made by purposely creating a short. That, and since it is combined with flammable fabric, this can easily cause a fire. Never leave clothing unattended while it is on, and NEVER SLEEP IN THESE CLOTHES!!!!!

Make Your Own Snuggie

Make Your Own Snuggie
Another great Instructable for staying warm, and saving money. Just as I thought, this is really easy to make – it’s just a blanket with sleeves. I personally would make it out of an acrylic blanket (or better yet, an acrylic/wool blend) though since polyester fleece is one of the coldest fabrics on Earth.

Quillow - Part Pillow, Part Quilt

Part Pillow, Part Quilt – It’s a Quillow!
I used to have one of these! (Can’t remember where it is now.) We called it a quillow. Sometimes we’d fold out the blanket, stuff the pocket with something like a couple t-shirts, and then use it like a light-weight sleeping bag (but of course it wasn’t really a bag). Fun times. 😀 Basically it’s just a blanket with a pocket for folding the blanket into for storage. It works best if you size the pocket mathematically (something like 1/3 of the width of the blanket and 1/4 the height) to make it easier to fold the blanket into it.

Thread Rack

Thread Rack
All Right! The perfect Instructable for any sewer! I so need one of these! It’s basically a board with dowels sticking out at an angle to hold the thread. This person covered the board with fabric so they can store their needles on there too. Since I’m just starting out in the sewing arena, making my own thread rack would let me make a smaller one for my smaller collection. Plus I’m constantly loosing my needles. This is also great for needles with some thread still on them.

DIY Mini Meat Smoker

DIY Mini Meat Smoker
“Sorry sir, I don’t smoke.” “Then what’s that hickory scent.” “Oh, that? That’s my new mini meat smoker that I just made this morning. I’m cooking some hickory smoked ribs right now.” Oh yeah, this sounds way too good. XD (And my brother thought his jerky was good. Just you wait bro…)



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