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What I Did This Weekend February 1, 2010

Posted by Sindy in Journal.

I had a great culinary weekend! My sister made us apple fritters (I’ve been craving them for months!), my Mom taught me how to clean and prep chicken leg quarters and how to make baked fried chicken, and my brother taught me how to marinade and grill chicken! Yummmm!

Besides that, Mom and I must enjoy aching muscles because we worked hard and cut up a bunch more wood to heat my parents house. For some strange reason it was a little easier this time. Hmmm, can’t have anything to do with I’m getting used to it, right? 😉

I did some more work on my comic strip. I now have two more that are almost ready to post.

Oh, one more thing – a friend of mine asked me on Friday if I could crochet a little hat and vest for the baby of a friend of hers. The poor little tike has a terminal form of dwarfism. My friend also mentioned that there is an ongoing need for little crocheted hats (I think she’s part of some support group for mothers who loose their tiny ones), so I’m going to see how many I can make for her.



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