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The Idea Journal May 21, 2010

Posted by Sindy in My Original Ideas.

The other day I had a brain storm in the shower (funny how they often come in the shower). It’s called an Idea Journal.

The idea is pretty simple – it’s just a little book where you record your ideas. Make sure to leave space for a sketch (I use the opposite page), the date, a short description, and how/where you got the idea.

I now have a little notebook in my purse, and it’s amazing how quickly it’s filling up. I’ve been recording fashion ideas, story ideas, and even thoughts about some everyday tasks. It’s super easy to use and the results are fabulous. Remember, this is like a brainstorm session on the go, so I write anything and everything that comes to mind. Even if it sounds dumb at the time, writing down everything is a great way to exercise your imagination muscles, and browsing it later can spark other and better ideas.

Here’s an example from my idea journal:

Last night (the 20th) as I watched TV a commercial came up (I can’t even remember what it was for) that had an interesting psychological trick. Like most commercials they said the phone number twice, but after the first time they said the phrase “Catchy number isn’t it?” referring to how the sounds of the phone number rolled off the tongue. Just this simple phrase catches people’s attention and they listen more carefully the second time the phone number is read. What an interesting and simple concept!

As I continue writing in this journal, perhaps I can post some of these ideas here on this blog.

If you decide to start an idea journal, feel free to tell us some of the ideas you write in it in the comments below, and let us know how it’s working for you.



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