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What I Did This Weekend July 12, 2010

Posted by Sindy in Journal.

Bwahahaha! Sorry, you couldn’t get rid of me that easily! I’m back, and once again, I have a “What I Did This Eeekend” update! That said, here goes:

Basically, all I did this weekend was go to a Scottish festival in town with a good friend of mine, and watch episodes of Winx (I know, I’m nuts). The Scottish festival was pretty fun. I bought myself an awesome cookbook and a Claudagh ring (a Claudaugh is their symbol of love). I wanted one with a red sparkly (can’t call it a gem or stone since it’s just glass), but they didn’t have one my size. Oh well. I guess that’s what I get for having size 5 fingers. Loved the bagpipes as usual (I think I was born with a love of bagpipes ;)), and I even tasted my first funnel cake (by the way, funnel cake is NOT Scottish, it just happened to be there).

I was disappointed though – there was very little in the way of clothing, swords, etc. (I was hoping for a new dress, and something for displaying my beautiful wood swords that I bought on the 5th.) Most of the stuff they had there was silver jewelry (nice, but can we have some other stuff too?). My sister came down, but left after only half an hour because the selection was so ho-hum. I sure hope they have a better selection next year.

Oh, one more thing I did this weekend (which has a lot more to do with this blog than the other things): I went through my mending/project pile and FINALLY marked each item with what I needed/wanted to do with it. I should have done that at the very beginning when I first added each item to the pile. Note to self: do that from now on.



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