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Robot Fun for a Curious Nephew ;D July 29, 2010

Posted by Sindy in Favorite Instructables, Recycling.

My nephew is a curious little bug. He will put his little mitts on anything and everything (and subsequently take it apart when he can – we think he’ll grow up to be an engineer). Of course, with such a curious fellow it’s hard to keep him distracted. I’m sure he would go absolutely nuts for a robot (he looooooves electronic gadgets), but he’s a little too young for just any robot. Luckily I found a fun one for him (that he won’t be able to take apart very easily):

The Rolly Bot:

Of course, I’ll have to glue up the seam, and a switch would be nice, but all in all this will loads of fun and really easy to make!

This reminds me of when my cousins came to visit before moving to Japan (their Dad was in the Air Force). We had a little rolling ball with a fake little animal (I think it was a ferret or something like that). It was the ball that was actually moving, but it looked like a little animal playing with a ball. Our youngest cousin loved it, and it helped her make it through their very long plane flight. I could do that kind of thing with this project too. 🙂

One more note before I sign off. This project uses what is called a Bristle Bot (a little robot that uses a bristle head as sort-of legs), but since I don’t want to spend the money for an extra big tennis ball I found a tutorial for something smaller (and that I have the parts for already). Or how about this other one which is even smaller? In fact, I’m sure my nephew would love the bristle bot by itself (then again, he might be able to take it apart).

Oh yeah, this ought to be loads of fun. Maybe I’ll make it tonight (and report back what my nephew thinks of it – when I see him next).



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