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What I Did This Weekend – Zuchini, Sushi, and Drawing December 6, 2010

Posted by Sindy in Journal.

Let’s start with three words: Two Giant Zucchini. That’s right, these things were huge. Each was over two feet long and between six and eight inches in diameter, and they came from my sister’s garden. Yes, she grows them huge. I’ll have to tell you how another time.

Anyway, even after four months the monster things were still good (partly because we brought them into the house where they couldn’t get frozen), so I wrestled them, cut, peeled & shredded them up and dehydrated them. It’s a great way to preserve them so they can be used throughout the year. Can you say lemon zucchini bread in May?

Next, my family had a party this weekend and since I’ve recently become acquainted with the wonderful flavor known as sushi I wanted to try making some (instead of paying $7 for a small plate). Yes, it was much cheaper but wow, that process is long and takes some skill. I had to go to a specialty shop for the rice and then it took about an hour just to prep and cook it. After that we had fun rolling the sushi. I think my brother had the most fun with it – he made about three-fourths of it that night and then requested the recipe to make some for his in-laws. So, it was loads of fun and took a long time, but oh it was soooo good! It was just as good as the best I’ve had so far (okay, so I haven’t had much yet, but I’ve had enough to say some is so much better than others).

For those interested, here’s the recipe and a few videos to help you out:

– Recipe: http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Sushi-Roll/Detail.aspx
– Sushi Rice Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ByXX17MpcF4
– Sushi Roll Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IGF_5QR9LI8

For the rice, lean closer to the video but use the proportions in the recipe. For filling and rolling, use the ingredients in the recipe, but use the method on the video.

Finally, this weekend I grumbled at a drawing. I recently discovered the wonders of using what I’m calling wireframes for drawing people (I don’t know the real term for it). It’s great! I can control where things go much better, and I can control where the person is within the drawing. Makes a huge difference. Now I just need to find something to teach me the proper proportions of everything. I know a person is about seven heads tall, but how long & wide do I make everything else in proportion? That’s where the grumbling part came in.

Coming up this week: Time to start the Christmas list (okay, I’ve already finished some of it, but now it’s time for the big projects).



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