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A (Mostly) DIY Christmas December 7, 2010

Posted by Sindy in Journal.

*Subtle Organ Music & A Monotone Voice* Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen. It’s time once again for the annual CHRISTMAS LIST!

Since not many (if any) of my readers will actually be receiving any of these gifts (for those that will, I ask that you act surprised anyway – thanks), I feel pretty safe in broadcasting to the world what my big red bag will contain. So, let’s get down to business.

For various friends and associates I put together a nice and simple Christmas mug filled with hot chocolate, candy canes, and a lovely assortment of chocolate. Something fun, simple, enjoyed by nearly everyone, and nice and easy to make (not to mention cheap).

For coworkers, since I work at my local college, and since my local college bookstore seems to be missing some fashion basics, I thought I’d share the fruits of DIY and make some school-centric scarves. Again, so easy, so cheap (apparently other schools sell them for $15 a pop), and so not-found-in-stores. 😉

Since my Dad’s one of those fix-it-himself kinds, he’s getting a package of Sugru (please see last week’s post). And my Mom keeps stumbling around on the stairs (even though they were remodeled a few years ago) so I’m making her some stair lights.

My brother & sister (and respective in-laws) are getting some store-bought stuff (namely an Apples to Apples game for my brother’s family, and a springform pan and cheesecake mix for my sister’s family).

And finally, what I hope to result in the most fun – my nephews are getting bumble bots! (See post: Robot Fun for a Curious Nephew)

Now for the fun part: for the rest of this week I’m going to go over each of these wonderful gifts and tell you all either how I did it or what I’ll be doing (yes, I’m already done with some of my Christmas list). This ought to be fun! XD



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