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Christmas List – Christmas Mugs December 8, 2010

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As I go through my Christmas list this week I’m starting with the easiest – the Christmas Mugs. As I said yesterday, some of my list is already done – including the mugs, so here’s a quick tutorial on what I did.

Supplies Needed:
– Mugs (I found some nice crystal-looking (not real crystal) ones at my local dollar store. I wanted something that wasn’t so Christmas so they could use it all year.)
– Individually wrapped chocolates (I used some of those nice Dove chocolates. I got a nice assortment including white chocolate, mint, and caramel filled.)
– Candy canes
– Hot chocolate packets
– Christmas cellophane (I used a red cellophane)
– Curling ribbon
– Gift tags (optional)

– Scissors
– Ruler (optional)
– Pen (optional)

1. Put one packet of hot chocolate mix in each mug. Make sure it’s up against the side to allow room for everything else.
2. Put 1-2 candy canes in each mug.
3. Make a large square of the cellophane, about a foot square.
4. Put one chocolate into the center of the cellophane square and use it to carefully push the cellophane into the mug making a cone shape out of the cellophane.
5. Continue adding chocolates into the cellophane cone (making sure to fit it down into the mug) until it’s as full as you like. I ended up with six chocolates in each mug – two of each flavor.
6. Twist the top of the cellophane and tie it with a length (or two if you want more curls) of the curling ribbon.
7. Finally, use the scissors to curl the ribbon. You can add a gift tag if you like (but I didn’t).

And there you have it. I’d suggest you make up a couple extra mugs in case you forgot to add someone to your list (or just so you have some extras for yourself).



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